All of That Everywhere
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Who We Are | Staff

All of That Everywhere is a group of local Nashville, TN volunteers who work to aggregate all of the local art show listings and events happening around music city. 


All of That Everywhere (A.T.E.) is managed by a group of local artist volunteers and long time Nashville residents. We'd love your help! We are always open to accepting time or work from artists or allies interested in supporting what we do. 


A.T.E. Leadership Team


Margaret Powell, Founder

I am an artist, a marketer, and the mom of a blind boston terrier named Walter. I moved to nashville at 15 for a music career and transitioned into a visual artist after the industry chewed me up and spat me back out. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with so many talented artists and creators and I hope that the work we do here will only serve to bring together our local scene. Being a part of the LGBTQIA community, I understand the importance of finding your tribe of open minded people hell bent on making good art while fostering a safe and inclusive space to enjoy it in. A.T.E. is my passion come to life and I hope you feel welcome here. Let's make rad sh*t! 


Find St. Marg on social media: @embryolord 

Find St. Marg on social media: @embryolord 


How We Got Started

Before All of That Everywhere, there was Common Rat a DIY email blast sent out to friends and art enthusiasts by local artist Kami Baergen (@kbaergen, Posidrag). Before moving to Seattle, WA, Baergen sat down with Margaret Powell and several other nashville female artists to discuss keeping CR going after her departure. Powell, a 14-year Nashville resident, freelance marketer and local artist answered the call and created All of That Everywhere. Now, A.T.E. is operated by Powell and other local artist volunteers.